GDC 2014


Jasson is currently at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, networking with other indie game devs from around the world and spreading the good news of Crea. He’ll be back next week!

Big News: Greenlit! Update! Upcoming Livestream!

February is the shortest month of the year and yet so much has happened for Crea and the team. It has been awhile since I shared an update so there is much to tell.


The biggest news of all is that Crea was Greenlit on Steam! Our current plan is to release on Steam Early Access in May. Launching onto the Steam store is a huge opportunity , so we’re taking this time to polish up the existing content and new content as much as possible.

Even though Crea’s Steam release is months away, you can still play Crea on Steam now. Your Steam key for Crea can already be claimed on your humble homepage. This enables us to release updates more frequently, fix issues quicker and most importantly gets you the latest updates automatically.

Speaking of updates, we just launched a new update – v0.7.4. This update focuses on resolving issues, making many engine optimizations and implementing players’ feedback. Here’s a quick highlight.

  • A dozen multiplayer issues have been fixed
  • Underground cave system is now multitudes better enabling underground exploration
  • Made several optimizations to help alleviate framerate loss
  • A new monster, Venfear, has been added
  • Birds will now appear in peaceful plains


Lastly, to celebrate Crea being Greenlight, Crea fan Wookiee will be hosting a 24-hour livestream on Saturday, March 8, from 12Pm GMT ( that’s 6 am EST / 3 am PST). Kelley and I will join the livestream around 10 am PST. Wookie will be giving away 24 copies of Crea and an ASUS 680 graphics card! We hope you’ll stop by so you can see how Crea is looking these days. Check out this forum thread for more updates. The livestream will be hosted on Wookiee’s channel, .

Last month, Kelley, Aaron and I moved to Portland, Oregon. It was quite a trial thanks to a huge snowstorm that hit the area the day we were moving. Even with the roads iced over and 20 car pileups shutting down half of I-5, we managed to get here in one piece. Between snow flurries we scurried back and forth from the moving truck to our new apartment on the third floor.


We’re settled in now with super-fast internet. I’ve been streaming Crea development again and will be doing more soon! You can find my livestream here.

Crea Release v0.7.3

Another bug fixing patch. Lots of people experience some massive lag while playing with the latest two versions. I finally got that sorted out with a few other bugs fixed.

Available on your Humble Bundle Library

version 0.7.3
- (Feature) Added splash screen with Siege Games logo
- (Feature) Added misc. sound effects
- (Bug) Resolved issue where loading the world does not work for some people
- (Bug) Resolved issue with water and lava disappearing when obsidian is created nearby
- (Bug) Resolve issue with attributes, attribute locales, and divine gloves stat attribute
- (Bug) Properly resize tooltip view

- (Change) Added light source to quaridin when it attacks
- (Bug) Resolved multiple issues with conflict system by simply ignoring older versions. (Does leave orphaned spawners/speep)
- (Bug) Resolved issue where attacking the speep at night would cause an issue with it trying to flee

- (Bug) Resolved yet another issue with Artisan skill

- (Change) Made it possible to craft cloth with wool
- (Bug) Resolved issue when updating craft inventories could run into an issue if an inventory was destroyed
- (Bug) Resolved issue with research materials window not working properly

Weekly Recap #31

Crazy week! It consisted of more interviewing, hiring two new developers, helping them get setup, attempting to fix bugs, and planning to move to another state. So yeah, two new developers. This is super exciting since with their help we’ll see development pick up quite a bit. I’ll be sure to introduce them once they’ve settled in.

Crea is now rank #47 on Greenlight! I think next week will finally be the week we get greenlit. Amazingly, I am most excited about this so that I’ll finally be free of obsessively looking at the stats page. But, it is cool to see how many more favorites and follows we have than the top 50 average.


This week I’m wanting to get a new version up that fixes some really bad issues people are running into. I already have a build up for omega testers so if you have access or would like to help test it then head over to the forums. Once I get the green flag from a few players I’ll hand it over to humble to make it public.

Crea Release v0.7.2

Quickly patching v0.7.1! Some players found an embarrassing obvious bug that slipped by me. Please upgrade to this new version (0.7.2) immediately if you have v0.7.1 (released yesterday).

Available on your Humble Bundle Library

version 0.7.2
- (Bug) Resolved issue with realms not saving properly when world is named with a space or special characters
- (Bug) Resolved issue with speep not properly becoming idle when the player is distant
- (Bug) Resolved issue where pressing spacebar would cause the UI to scroll

Crea Release v0.7.1

A new version of Crea is now available. This is a smaller update focusing on fixing some larger issues and incorporating player feedback from last weeks update. If you have any issues or feedback please check out our forums. Here is the changelog.

version 0.7.1
- (Feature) Monster information shown on mouseover and contains name, level and HP bar
- (Feature) Implemented support for animals and first animal, the Speep
- (Change) Increased drop rate and drop range of keys
- (Change) Increased number of trees in plains
- (Bug) Resolved issue where invalid character in a world/character name would cause several issues
- (Bug) Resolved issue with interacting with dropped items
- (Bug) Resolved issue with water/lava running out into unloaded regions.

- (Change) Several tweaks to conflict system
- (Details) Spawned monsters in a region stay the same level until the monster push
- (Details) Conflict regions take longer to become stronger at a increasingly slower rate
- (Details) Less monsters are required to kill to change the hostility level of a region
- (Change) Added trail to Torrend when it charges
- (Bug) Resolved a few small issues with boss

- (Bug) Resolved issue with Artisan skill not working properly

- (Feature) Item notification area near toolbar showing recently aquired items
- (Bug) Resolved issue where replacing skills on the toolbar would cause the game to crash
- (Bug) Resolved slight graphical issue on toolbar
- (Bug) Resolved issue with available material quantity in crafting UI not updating properly with nearby treasure chests

Weekly Recap #30

The last few days have been crazy! As you may have seen, I decided to look for another developer once again. I have gotten a surprising number of responses from this and have spent the last few days just talking to people. I am trying to take it slow and be as certain as possible when/if I decide to bring someone on board. I did manage to get some work done on Crea earlier in the week.

The first change I made is truly a game changer. It will now be possible to see monsters information when mousing over them. This includes the name, level and HP percentage. The big one here is the level. With this you’ll be able to gauge how strong the monster is relative to you. Additionally it will finally explain why monsters have different stats. The support is mostly implemented for displaying this information at different times. Users will be able to choose to display the monster’s HP bar always, during mouseover, only when the monster is damaged, or never. I just need to hook it into the settings but first I think I need to revamp the settings UI to nicely support more options.


Another welcomed change is that now you get item notifications on what you picked up or crafted. I really like how this turned out.


I have also been working on adding support for animals. They are now hooked into the conflict system. When a region has higher hostility less animals will spawn in it. Now it has an interesting good/bad balance. So far I have got the first animal implemented – Speep!


I’m trying to wrap up what I’m currently working on so I can publish a new update with these changes and all of the bug fixes and balance changes I have made this week as well. I am hopeful this update will be available very soon!

For this upcoming week I will be continuing to interview people for the dev position. I will also be working on adding more animals and refining the underground some. I’d like to make it more cavernous and less holey, with more monsters underground as well as some other interesting things. I’d love the underground to be a really intriguing place to explore.

Developer Opening

Siege Games has an opening for a developer. This is not the first time I’m looking for a developer but I thought I’d try my luck again. This is primarily for development on Crea, but I’m really hoping to find a partner that will extend beyond that.

Here are details on the requirements, duties and benefits as well as contact information and what to include. Thanks for the consideration and feel free to share with anyone you think may be interested.

Development Status

  • We are a small team with primarily myself, Jasson, working on it.
  • Crea is currently in beta with over 2000 players and is continuing to grow.
  • We are at 98% to top 100 on Greenlight and anticipate being greenlit soon.
  • We currently estimate 4~ more months of development before 1.0 release and plan to continue development beyond that.


  • Self-motivated, passionate and has great resolve (gets things done)
  • Advanced scripting knowledge
  • Game design sense
  • Available to work for 30+ hours a week for the next few months (at least)
  • Experienced programmer (Python/C++ bonus)


  • Assist in designing content such as items, monsters, and biomes
  • Implement content and features using the engine API (Python). This will range from new items to monster AI.
  • Help write modding documentation
  • Willingness to help wherever needed
  • Daily communication


  • Upfront payment and/or profit sharing (To be negotiated)
  • Work remotely
  • Work on what will hopefully be a successful indie game
  • Work with a well-constructed code base
  • Access to a great artist
  • Learn the way of the code ninja
  • Hopefully more!

If you are interested then please contact me at [email protected] and be sure to include the following:

  • Details about yourself (past experience, current situation, etc.)
  • Code sample(s)
  • Compensation requirements

If you’re really anxious to contact me then I’m also available on skype (baskinein) and IRC ( #crea).