Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Crea different from other sandbox games?

In many sandbox games, mod support seems like an afterthought or a hastily designed add-on. In Crea, modding support has been a primary consideration of every development decision. We believe anyone should be able to mod Crea, so we’ve made it easy enough for beginners but flexible enough for more advanced mods.

When is the release date for Crea?

Version 1.0 release date is unknown; however, you can preorder now and get immediate beta access!

If I preorder now do I get the game when it comes out?

Yes! You will get all future versions of Crea – before and after release.

Is Crea available on Steam?

Yes! Thanks to everyone’s support Crea is now available on Steam Early Access.

What platforms will Crea be released on?

Windows, Mac and Linux

Can I share my youtube videos or steam Crea?

Yes! Please visit our video policy page for more info.

Will I be able to mod _____ ?

Yes. When we say that Crea supports modding 100%, we mean it. Everything will be moddable.

Multiplayer support?

Yes! Servers will be player hosted.

What language is Crea in?

The engine is in C++ and the content is all in Python.

Will I be able to purchase the soundtrack?

Yes. Once it’s completed, the soundtrack will be available for purchase through the composer’s website. You can also preorder the soundtrack as part of our $20 beta package.