Early Beta Released

We finally got Crea into the hands of all early beta testers. This means that Crea now has roughly 80 testers, which is awesome! We have made some great progress on Crea’s stability, but of course always have room for improvement. Over the next few weeks we’ll be fixing bugs as they come up; however, our main focus will be on polishing existing systems and content. We have a great deal of work ahead of us between implementing the feedback from our testers and replacing the placeholder content for rough systems. Here are some of the changes we have planned.

  • Worlds are going to get a bit more interesting with some new smaller biomes being added and the underground getting a complete makeover.
  • Characters will be colored with HSV instead of RGB. This makes it much more possible to get the hair color you want.
  • Researching will use all materials given to research multiple recipes and partially discovered recipes will be prioritized.
  • Crafting in bulk
  • Spawn rate of monster spawners and monsters will be greatly enhanced.
  • Items are going to be completely overhauled with an entirely new design for materials and equipment.
  • Much much more!

Moving forward we are going to be changing our development process to be more agile. We will be iterating on Crea with weekly updates that will be reasonably focused on a few areas of the game. At the beginning of each week we define all of the changes we aspire to make which will be viewable under the “Current” tab in our project plan. Through this, we hope to tighten the feedback loop and increase project productivity.

Along with this I want to start posting weekly blog updates recapping what we managed to accomplish during the previous week and what we have planned for the next. Now that we finally have more to talk about and are getting closer to release we believe it is time to try to re-engage with the community. Like any good conversation, this needs to be a two way street – so feel free to comment and post in our forums!

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