Glowbat – Before and After


The Glowbat is one of the first creatures I designed for Crea. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my pixel art skills have improved considerably over the past year, and the Glowbat was starting to look a little shabby in comparison. One major problem was that he is supposed to be an underground-dwelling creature, but his grey-brown color made him difficult to see in his environment. For a real-life animal, that’s all well and good, but for a video game, it’s visually confusing.


So here’s the new and improved Glowbat. I made him just slightly larger, added a brighter color scheme to help him pop out of the backgrounds, and made him look like he is being lit from below by his…uh…glowball.

glowbat_new glowbat_old

For our beta testers who complained that the underground biome was too barren: watch out. This guy will be waiting for you, and he’s got some pretty fast attacks!

3 thoughts on “Glowbat – Before and After

  1. kirabook

    Yeah… these things are brutal. XD They attack in groups, though I’m sure that isn’t intended. But it CAN be made intentional.


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