A Year of Pixel Art: Before and After

I had played with pixel art as a teenager, posting my little sprites on my Geocities homepage. But when Jasson asked me to do the art for Crea, I really had no idea what I was doing. I’m used to painting large illustrations in Photoshop, so at first I really disliked the restrictions and teeny-tiny size of pixel art.

It’s been almost one year since our Kickstarter, and during that time my eye for pixel art has improved. I put a lot more time and effort into every artwork now. Here are some examples.


I created the left llama banner for our Kickstarter. What a mess. There are stray pixels and blurriness everywhere. On the right is a llamacorn tapestry I drew just the other day, and is probably my favorite thing I’ve made for Crea so far.


On the left is a shameful, shameful drawing of a bed. On the right, a more interesting and confident bed.


And here are two oak trees.

If you thought Crea looked good during our Kickstarter, just wait until it’s finished!

8 thoughts on “A Year of Pixel Art: Before and After

  1. Steve

    It’s amazing to see such significant progress in regards to your pixel art. Practice does make perfect or so I’ve been told. haha

  2. Peachbo

    Good job Kelley! You’ve come a long way and I’m excited to see another person joining the ranks of pixel artists :)

  3. Mimosa

    Hey Kelley, I just want to let you know if you ever get some time and feel up to making a “step-by-step” for your pixel art, I would be interested in seeing your process. I know there are lots of pixel art tutorials on the web, but I would be interested in trying to do a similar style to yours for making modded Crea graphics that don’t look so out of place.

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