Upcoming Beta in Humble Store

Beta (phase 1) is finally in sight. We hope to have it released in about a week. As we mentioned in our earlier roadmap post, Phase 1 will include Windows/Mac/Linux support, multiplayer, leveling, skills, combat, crafting, randomly generated worlds with several biomes, character customization and our beautiful day/night cycle. Note that this phase of the beta is private. Crea will become publicly available starting with phase 2.

So far we have had only a handful of people regularly testing the alpha. Meanwhile, there are about 70 early beta testers eagerly waiting. Going from 5 to 70 testers could be a bit overwhelming for us, so we are planning to incrementally add beta testers. This will help us keep up with bug reports, so there isn’t a huge deluge of reports all at once. Also by doing it this way, we can fix any big game-breaking bugs without exposing everyone to them. We are planning to invite a group of early beta backers ($50+ Kickstarter Backers), if you are an early beta backer and want to be subjected to the earliest beta stage then send Jasson a message on the forums.

Starting with the beta, Crea will be distributed through the Humble Store! This does not mean we are going to be in a Humble Bundle. What it does mean is that you will be able to download the game through your Humble Store account. Steam keys can be easily claimed through the Humble Store if/when Crea is published on Steam. Also we will be selling Crea through the Humble Store via a widget on our site, siegegames.com. The widget will look something like this.

Crea Humble Store Widget

We know that you guys have been patiently waiting for a chance to play Crea, and we are super excited to be able to finally start sharing it with you. Thanks for your continued support and encouragement!

9 thoughts on “Upcoming Beta in Humble Store

  1. Prince Luna

    So the beta is going to be $25? Will there be a price difference between the beta and the ‘finished’ game?

    1. Jasson Post author

      Yes there will be. Here is how it will work. The $25 is a bundle including the game (with beta), soundtrack and digital artbook. After awhile we’ll add a $10 option for only the game while it is in beta. When the game is released we’ll raise the price to $15. Does that make sense?

  2. Aramis Xperia

    Im so happy! I can finally see the sun rising after a long night! I can almost smell the second beta stage coming after this one :D


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