Weekly Recap #25

After a massive amount of work, the first boss for Crea is just about done. I am really happy with how she turned out. I will do my best to keep spoilers to a minimum but this post will contain some boss spoilers.

This boss, is essentially a few monsters and a new biome all in one. Now that she is finished the code weighs in at 700 lines just for her. With everything related to the boss fight, I’d say it is more like 1000-1200 lines. To put this in perspective, the entire game is roughly 50k lines of code. This means that the boss is roughly 1/50th of the game code thus far. Crazy!

The fight plays out more like a Zelda boss fight. It is more than seeing how fast you can deal damage. Also, since the fight is in another realm we were able to make it so you cannot run away once the battle commences and if you die then you have to start over. In other words, we mean business!

Without further adieu, here are some screens!

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

Now that the boss is done, I am moving onto NPCs! I’m really looking forward to finally getting some in since I know they’ll add much to the game. I’ll go into much more detail about them soon.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Recap #25

  1. Richard

    Love the boss, And i think its a hell of a boss in terms of looks as well as kinda almost looking like a death god.
    I am thinking the balance is correct with things like being able to fire say arrows at the boss and being able to get to it so you can kill it via the sword or arrows.

    Thanks for the great screenies :),

    Thanks again.

  2. kirabook

    Hah, I took a nap right after reading about this and had a dream that I was actually fighting it. XD (In my dream, and hopefully of this boss, it had quite a few attack types)
    I actually haven’t played a Zelda game even though i know a bit of the plots and characters (sadly), so I think this will be a completely new thing for me?

    1. jmcmorris Post author

      Haha, that’s awesome. This boss has 4 different attacks and there are some variations on the attacks. I’m sure there are several other games besides Zelda that employ the same concept. I’ll probably mention this in a blog post at some point but the concept for our boss fights will be finding and exploiting a weakness.


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