Weekly Recap #29

Guess what!?! The new update is finally here! It has been a long time coming but it should prove to be well worth the wait.  If you have preoredered Crea you can go download the update from your humble library. If you haven’t preodered then you should do that now over here! Here are some of the larger features that have gone into this update.

  • Boss Fight – That’s right, the first boss fight is here and it is an epic one.
  • Remna and Imbuing – Once you’ve defeated the boss you’ll unlock the ability to obtain Remna from monsters and using this Remna you can imbue items to craft even stronger equipment.
  • Mannequins and NPCs – Mannequins are now available for crafting and are great to place gear onto. Additionally, mannequins can be brought to life as NPCs by placing unique outfits on them.
  • Perseverance and Hardcore mode – Survival matters now. Stay alive and you’ll gain the perseverance buff that grants additional experience and talent points gain. If you really want to test your survival skills then hardcore mode is now available which makes death permanent.
  • Inventory Space – Your character now only starts with a single inventory bag; however, you can find new ones and upgrade them through crafting. They are a little rare so keep an eye out.
  • Treasure Chests – Completely reworked, treasure chests now can have some tasty loot. However, in order to open them you now must find a key. They are always close by and are either found on monsters or in pots.

You may also find changes made that you gave feedback on such as:

  • You can now change selected tool with mouse wheel scroll
  • Digging is faster and dirt is weaker
  • Characters can jump and fit into 3 tile tall holes
  • Researching is even better now
  • For even more check out the changelog at the bottom of this post

Even with all of these amazing changes, everything is still very much a work in progress. Everything will continue to be iterated on in future updates. Speaking of which, the next few updates are planned to have much shorter release cycles. These updates will focus on refining existing content and adding in some smaller enhancements.

In other news, we are 97% to top 100 on Greenlight (Greenlight Page). That is some amazing progress in 1 week. This major jump is thanks to Humble Store for featuring Crea, Steam greenlighting 50 games and a pirate site hosting Crea. That last one is not exactly the best but it was inevitable and all I can do is hope those that pirate the game eventually decide they want to help support us. Anyways, just need a final push to get us into the top 100 and go from a percentage to being ranked. Thanks again everyone for the continued support!

v0.7.0 changelog

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Recap #29

  1. kirabook

    I can’t wait to have the time to play! It’ll have to wait until Friday, but I have a feeling I’ll be playing all weekend. c8

  2. Richard

    its a shame about the pirate effect but trust me, if the game seems worth while to the public then it will get more fan fare than we could ever hope for, btw it being on pirate bay or something like that must surly be something to the next big step out of the little box that opens up to the greater things out there :)

    Ill be downloading the next big update. thanks.

  3. Space

    My humblebundle page still has the date 2013-11-06 (69.9 MB) for Crea, is it not available for download yet for some accounts, or was the date just not changed?

    1. jmcmorris Post author

      Yes, actually you want an entirely new install. Starting with the next version worlds and characters will carry over.


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