Weekly Recap #4

This last week has been a whirlwind of progress and flew by so quickly! In order to prepare Crea for beta release, we took this last week to focus on polishing. Lots and lots of polishing. Here are some things we did.

Kelley and I finally cleaned up the main menu. Not final but still a much better placeholder than before.


Without quality loss

Without quality loss


Normal Bomb

Normal Bomb

Sticky Bomb (WIP)

Sticky Bomb (work in progress)

Equipment names are now based off of the best attribute.


Game settings work nicely now as expected.


And some other notable tasks:

  • Added more sound effects and some music
  • Kelley added description and flavor text for nearly all the items
  • Added a few more items.
  • Fixed several bugs

For this upcoming week we will likely dedicate a large chunk to launching the beta and providing support. Other than that, Max and I have planned to greatly enhance the modding API. Our goal is to get mod support up and running. This will most definitely span multiple weeks but I’m going to try to timebox it in order to keep more content coming.

Expect more news soon!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Recap #4

  1. Felipe

    I’m having a problem with forum registration. No matter what email provider I use, the confirmation email never gets to my inbox. I’ve been dying to get a couple of posts on the forums, but because of this, I can’t. Please help. (tried @hotmail and @mail, after days still not here)

    1. jmcmorris Post author

      Felipe, I’ll look into that and be sure you get activated. Thanks for letting me know.

    1. jmcmorris Post author

      Thanks Matthew! I cant believe I did not see that typo. Thanks for pointing that out.


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