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Big News: Greenlit! Update! Upcoming Livestream!

February is the shortest month of the year and yet so much has happened for Crea and the team. It has been awhile since I shared an update so there is much to tell.


The biggest news of all is that Crea was Greenlit on Steam! Our current plan is to release on Steam Early Access in May. Launching onto the Steam store is a huge opportunity , so we’re taking this time to polish up the existing content and new content as much as possible.

Even though Crea’s Steam release is months away, you can still play Crea on Steam now. Your Steam key for Crea can already be claimed on your humble homepage. This enables us to release updates more frequently, fix issues quicker and most importantly gets you the latest updates automatically.

Speaking of updates, we just launched a new update – v0.7.4. This update focuses on resolving issues, making many engine optimizations and implementing players’ feedback. Here’s a quick highlight.

  • A dozen multiplayer issues have been fixed
  • Underground cave system is now multitudes better enabling underground exploration
  • Made several optimizations to help alleviate framerate loss
  • A new monster, Venfear, has been added
  • Birds will now appear in peaceful plains


Lastly, to celebrate Crea being Greenlight, Crea fan Wookiee will be hosting a 24-hour livestream on Saturday, March 8, from 12Pm GMT ( that’s 6 am EST / 3 am PST). Kelley and I will join the livestream around 10 am PST. Wookie will be giving away 24 copies of Crea and an ASUS 680 graphics card! We hope you’ll stop by so you can see how Crea is looking these days. Check out this forum thread for more updates. The livestream will be hosted on Wookiee’s channel, .

Last month, Kelley, Aaron and I moved to Portland, Oregon. It was quite a trial thanks to a huge snowstorm that hit the area the day we were moving. Even with the roads iced over and 20 car pileups shutting down half of I-5, we managed to get here in one piece. Between snow flurries we scurried back and forth from the moving truck to our new apartment on the third floor.


We’re settled in now with super-fast internet. I’ve been streaming Crea development again and will be doing more soon! You can find my livestream here.

Greenlight Giveaway

We have managed to get up to 77% to the top 100 on Crea’s Greenlight Page which is amazing and we’re extremely grateful to everyone for voting and sharing Crea. Now that the Greenlight launch period is long over we’ve sunk back into obscurity. Lets change that! Oh, you need an incentive? Well then, let us help you help us.

For every 1% closer we get to the top 100 we will give away a copy of Crea. If we go up more than 1% in a single day then that’s cause for celebration – more copies! Please help us spread the word by sharing with your friends, online communities and… well, nevermind, don’t tell your mom.

All copies will be given away by @SiegeGames. Be sure to follow us!

Weekly Recap #21

So much going on, it is hard to keep up with it all! Last week we rolled out so much new stuff: website, two videos and a Greenlight page. Since the launch I’ve been fixing bugs and trying to gain publicity for our game. I also went on an excursion this weekend to the in-laws and day of the devs in SF.

Our Greenlight page is going pretty good so far. We are at 42% to the top 100 games – not too bad for one week. However, things are slowing down now that we are no longer on the first page. If you have not voted for us yet, then please vote now. If you have voted, first of all, thank you! Secondly, there are lots of ways to continue to help support us.

  1. Put the word out wherever you can, especially in communities that you frequent. I try to post in some forums, but promoting Crea is always better when it comes from fans than from me.
  2. Mention us to youtubers, livestreamers and news sites. I can provide a press copy to anyone willing to cover Crea. You can direct them to here -
  3. Help create a positive environment on our Greenlight page. Right now there are lots of people shouting that Crea is a Terraria clone. I would appreciate it if people would discuss Crea on it’s own terms rather than whether it is or isn’t a clone of something else. It would help a lot if Crea fans post constructive comments, questions, and feedback.

Crea has started to get publicity. At the top of the list is John and Landon of Bigsushi.


These guys host a podcast where they talk with indie devs about their projects. Yesterday they released an episode where they interviewed Kelley and I. We had a great time talking to them and it turned out to be an entertaining episode that I think all Crea fans would enjoy. If you enjoy it, be sure to check out some of their other episodes.

Gullofdoom put together a very funny video of himself playing Crea. We really got a kick out of it.

There are several other videos I’d love to share but I have much more to cover in this update. If you want to see more, follow @SiegeGames. If you do make any videos or posts about Crea, be sure to mention @SiegeGames.

With so much to keep track of, the only time I really get outside is when I go for a bike ride. I normally only go somewhere between 15-20 miles; however, I have done longer distances a few times but I am generally used to riding on flat ground.

This weekend I wanted to go on a ride with my father-in-law, who is a serious cyclist. I was feeling reasonably confident I could keep up and at the beginning of the ride I even said “we can go faster.” I spoke too soon though. After a slight dip we began to climb what seemed like forever. My young heart was about to give and my lungs cried out. It was obvious that some demon had constructed this hill purely for its amusement. As soon as it flattened out I bailed and flopped about for 10 minutes trying not to hurl. Alas, I am but a mere indie dev.


After I recovered and we began our descent to a more friendly route a group of 50 chattering carefree cyclist passed us going up the slight incline. I only managed to do 15 miles – half of what I wanted to do. Next time though, I will conquer the demonic hill.

Kelley and I had some other fun this weekend down in San Francisco at Day of the Devs, which was hosted by DoubleFine. After waiting in line for 45 minutes we got in and quickly discovered that this event was more of a club – so dark you could hardly see and so loud you could barely hear. Being introverted game developers, this was not exactly our scene. We were hoping for more of a chill environment where we could meet other developers and chat. Still, it is great that the event was put on and I commend all of those involved.

We are back home now and focused on working. A new build is coming very soon (tomorrow?) with lots of bug fixes. I will be working on refining multiplayer more now that things have calmed down and I have more time to invest into it. Some really great stuff is coming up in Crea’s development. I’m really looking forward to it!

Crea now on Steam Greenlight!

The big day has finally arrived – Crea is now on Greenlight!!! Please vote for Crea here and share the link on your social media sites! With enough votes, Crea will be released on Steam and Steam keys will be given out to all our Kickstarter backers and beta testers.

We have some special beta-only sales going on. If you’d like to pre-order Crea, it’s now available for $10 in our Humble Store! There is also a $20 deal, which includes the game, digital soundtrack and digital artbook (when available).

Today we published a slick new website landing page and made Crea available to all our Kickstarter backers – which means that we gained over 600 new players this week! Jasson is sure to be busy answering questions and fixing bugs for quite a while!

Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement. If you’d like to contact us, leave a comment on this blog, or use Twitter, Facebook or our forums.

How do you guys like the new video?!!