Humble Winter Sale

Crea has launched onto the Humble Store and we’re participating in their Winter Sale. This means that Crea is on sale for the first time ever! Most likely Crea wont be going on sale again for awhile.

One thing that needs mentioning is that we are currently only 2-3 weeks away from a major update. This update will be dramatically improving the game across the board. We are adding in the first boss, NPCs, animals, new monsters, a new biome, more items and equipment, and even more. Additionally, a character and world wipe will be required. Sorry about this, but with so many changes it was necessary. Please keep this in mind!

One thought on “Humble Winter Sale

  1. Richard

    Thanks for the small update pplz :), Glad your on the store front selling the game, Its blended in with all the top games, Its no longer on the front page but at least you might get the chance to get it out there and bring more people in.

    Remember that sales brings in people, but that is what you want from it. And the world wipe thing personally it will not matter to me so all is good. Ill be waiting.


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