Weekly Recap #27

We are back from visiting family and ready to refocus ourselves completely onto Crea. We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a good time with family! Even though this last week was quite eventful, I managed to sneak in some work in on Crea, preparing for the big upcoming update.

First of all, there is a new equipment tier. This new tier includes 4 new swords, 4 new bows, and 3 new equipment sets. As with past equipment, we’ve tried to make each piece unique. There’s the Executioner (sword), which deals more damage the lower HP the user has. There’s the Ricochet Bow, which not only carries over the triple shot of the Winged Bow but also causes the arrows to bounce off walls. There is also the Beast armor set which grants some tasty dash cooldown reduction.


The other noteworthy progress is the introduction of difficulty modes. Right now we only have two modes: Normal and Hardcore. Hardcore has some lovely permadeath, which is going to sting much more than in Terraria because of character progression and you do not drop your items. Over time, I’d love to have Hardcore to be a completely different experience from Normal.

To start with, Aaron and I came up with a “death penalty.” It is not the typical death penalty though. After staying alive for some amount of time you gain a “Perseverance” buff which grants you additional XP and TP. The penalty for death is that you temporarily lose this buff. This has a nice side effect in that Hardcore characters will progress faster than Normal characters. I’m playing around with the idea of the Perseverance buff growing stronger the longer you’re alive. What do you think of that?

This next week we will be implementing three new monsters as well as a new biome. I’m really excited to get these in Crea. They will be great additions!

5 thoughts on “Weekly Recap #27

  1. Justin

    I could see the perserverance buff being exploited unless there was a check tgat you were actually actively playing the game. But great ideas. Love the amount of weapons and armor you keep adding. Cant wait for the finished product.

  2. Robert

    I really like the idea of the Perseverance buff growing stronger the longer you’re alive. I worry about having it be granted based on how long you are alive though, as it is very easy to make a box around yourself and leave the game on overnight. How about having the buff increment based on the number of kills you have or distance you travel, this would make it less simple to game the system.

    1. jmcmorris Post author

      It is true that people can go afk and get the buff. However, the buff takes awhile to activate (30 minutes atm) and only gives a 20% increase. This means that players would be able to get much more experience by just playing the game especially if death is common. I will see how it goes and tweak based on feedback and after I’ve played with it more.

  3. Richard

    i just saw this update, great work on coming back after the Christmas holiday week :),
    The power buff sounds good, Ill have to see how these new creatures enter the arena as far as spawning’s appear and whatnot. But hardmode i would test i dont know if i would play it as im not that caring for hardcore stuff.

    If we had a personal link for crea so you would also know that when people clicked on it, it comes from that person and not just a link that is posted in a forum, which i would probably do, I dont use face—– or twitter.


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