Back from Vacation

Over the last week and a half we have been on vacation. We went to the East Coast and had a great time with some friends. During the trip I did my best to sneak in Crea development whenever possible. I got two big things did get done during vacation with the help of a friend.

First of all, the blog is finally being hosted at I have owned this domain for over a year now but never got my own hosting – even now it is a friend hosting it! All that remains is to finish setting the site up.

The other news is that the item toolbar is fully functional. It displays how many you have of each item and the currently selected items for your left/right click. You can change the selected items with the number keys. Moving items around is simple – just click on an item to grab it and then click another item or empty space to drop the grabbed item. The UI needs some work, such as the item’s icon position, but it is good enough for an initial version.

I’ll be returning to my posting schedule starting Monday. So more updates are on their way!

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