Crea Release v0.7.1

A new version of Crea is now available. This is a smaller update focusing on fixing some larger issues and incorporating player feedback from last weeks update. If you have any issues or feedback please check out our forums. Here is the changelog.

version 0.7.1
- (Feature) Monster information shown on mouseover and contains name, level and HP bar
- (Feature) Implemented support for animals and first animal, the Speep
- (Change) Increased drop rate and drop range of keys
- (Change) Increased number of trees in plains
- (Bug) Resolved issue where invalid character in a world/character name would cause several issues
- (Bug) Resolved issue with interacting with dropped items
- (Bug) Resolved issue with water/lava running out into unloaded regions.

- (Change) Several tweaks to conflict system
- (Details) Spawned monsters in a region stay the same level until the monster push
- (Details) Conflict regions take longer to become stronger at a increasingly slower rate
- (Details) Less monsters are required to kill to change the hostility level of a region
- (Change) Added trail to Torrend when it charges
- (Bug) Resolved a few small issues with boss

- (Bug) Resolved issue with Artisan skill not working properly

- (Feature) Item notification area near toolbar showing recently aquired items
- (Bug) Resolved issue where replacing skills on the toolbar would cause the game to crash
- (Bug) Resolved slight graphical issue on toolbar
- (Bug) Resolved issue with available material quantity in crafting UI not updating properly with nearby treasure chests

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