Weekly Recap #30

The last few days have been crazy! As you may have seen, I decided to look for another developer once again. I have gotten a surprising number of responses from this and have spent the last few days just talking to people. I am trying to take it slow and be as certain as possible when/if I decide to bring someone on board. I did manage to get some work done on Crea earlier in the week.

The first change I made is truly a game changer. It will now be possible to see monsters information when mousing over them. This includes the name, level and HP percentage. The big one here is the level. With this you’ll be able to gauge how strong the monster is relative to you. Additionally it will finally explain why monsters have different stats. The support is mostly implemented for displaying this information at different times. Users will be able to choose to display the monster’s HP bar always, during mouseover, only when the monster is damaged, or never. I just need to hook it into the settings but first I think I need to revamp the settings UI to nicely support more options.


Another welcomed change is that now you get item notifications on what you picked up or crafted. I really like how this turned out.


I have also been working on adding support for animals. They are now hooked into the conflict system. When a region has higher hostility less animals will spawn in it. Now it has an interesting good/bad balance. So far I have got the first animal implemented – Speep!


I’m trying to wrap up what I’m currently working on so I can publish a new update with these changes and all of the bug fixes and balance changes I have made this week as well. I am hopeful this update will be available very soon!

For this upcoming week I will be continuing to interview people for the dev position. I will also be working on adding more animals and refining the underground some. I’d like to make it more cavernous and less holey, with more monsters underground as well as some other interesting things. I’d love the underground to be a really intriguing place to explore.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap #30

  1. Richard

    Thanks for the update and i love the bird sheep :), Also the UI changes really love those, and i also like how many of what you picked up as well.

    Good update new things to look forward to, Will you make things like slimes and so forth scale to there level ie the higher the level of the mob the bigger they are on screen like most rpgs or will they just be what they are and you just have to guess what the mob is before you move the mouse over it.

    The dev update im also glad you have lots of people to talk to and i hope everything turns for the best.


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