Introducing Clark and Imminent Beta Release

We’d like to introduce the newest member of our team, Clark Powell. He looks like this:


He is composing the music and sound effects for Crea. You can hear some of Clark’s work at his bandcamp page. We were introduced to Clark through our team member Max. Clark has composed for Homestuck, such as “Symphony Impossible to Play.”

During our Kickstarter, we had originally enlisted Charlie of Robot Science as our composer. However, for various reasons, things did not work out. We did part on good terms and still love his work. We wish Charlie all the best with his promising career.

We realize that some of you backed our Kickstarter in order to support Robot Science, and we apologize for this disappointment. If there’s one thing that we’ve learned from the experience of developing Crea, it’s that things rarely work out as planned! However, we are really pleased with the music Clark has conjured up thus far for Crea, and we think you’ll like it too. You can listen to few Crea tracks right here!

Big news: the long-awaited beta will be available this week! If you are a $25 Kickstarter backer then we will provide you with information on how to get access soon. If you missed our Kickstarter now is your chance to help support us and get in on the beta. A preorder page with immediate access to beta is coming soon!

We know that Crea is way behind our original release date. So to thank you for your patience, we are going to give our $10 backers access to “beta phase 3,” estimated in mid August. If you are a $10 backer and would like beta access before then, we are looking into ways for you to “upgrade” to gain access now.

When we do release beta, we’ll provide another update with much more information.

11 thoughts on “Introducing Clark and Imminent Beta Release

  1. Pam

    I didn’t find out about you guys till long after your Kickstarter. If I give you $25 now, can I please join in the beta? I’ve been following for a long time, and I’d really love to help out with both funds and bug reports. =)

    1. jmcmorris

      I cannot believe we completely left that out of the post! Yes, you will be able to Pam. We will be opening a preorder page with the launch of beta. Thanks for asking!

      1. TheGhostHybrid

        That’s great to hear! I heard about Crea as a Glitch refugee, so being able to post-Kickstart (such as it is) is really awesome. =)

  2. Richard W

    Great News for all including those making the game, I dont mind if we loose someone to gain someone else, Its a task that someone has to get involved in and it would benefit the game and all the players to know we have a musician on the team.

    Great Work and thanks for the mini update Cant wait for all those extra beta testers to join the fun of this game.

    Con-Grats to Clark (SLAP) _ on the back :), good to see new people coming along and joining in on a great game thanks for your time :)..

  3. Aramis Xperia

    Awesomeness! Can’t wait for beta either! :D I really like Clark’s music (possibly more than Robot Science)


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