New logos!

You may have noticed something different about our blog – we finally got some professional logos made for Crea and Siege Games. I (Kelley) had designed some makeshift logos for our Kickstarter campaign, but I am no graphic designer. We needed professional help. Jasson is going to GDC next week, and needs some business cards, so we decided that this would be a good time for some rebranding.


This logo was designed by Herman Dawson. In high school Herman and Jasson used to make RPG Maker games together. Today Herman is a professional graphic designer. We really had no idea what we wanted for Siege Games, so Herman came up with this design that is strong and modern and reminds me of a shield or crest.

Crea Logo

This logo was sort of a group effort by Herman, David and myself. We wanted a design that expressed the boundless opportunities for exploration in Crea. The globe illustration was drawn by me.

For comparison, this was our old logo:

logoYeah……like I said, I’m not a graphic designer. This logo doesn’t say much, and certainly doesn’t give off a sense of excitement or adventure. It served its purpose during the Kickstarter, though.

What do you guys think of the new logos? Also, is anyone going to GDC?

18 thoughts on “New logos!

  1. Bryan Mew

    I really like both of them, but the Crea one is really awesome. I think it kicks butt and it really gets me excited about crea and the world I will create!

  2. Joey

    The Logos are nice and with love made. And i like the S! It reminds me somehow a little at “S”uperman. ;O)

    But to be hnest, i would like to see some purple or Orange in the CRA Logo. Green only is so.. so.. hm, uni boring. And wrong color. Warm color i would prefer more or a colder blue-violett tone. Maybe black-outlined too.

    And the Siege Logo at the header, is a little bit huge, or? I mean, looks not moderate, or? ;O)

    Don’t feel attacked, just my english isn’t very well at all. *blush*

  3. Sandman

    Love the logos – a good step forward- Crea logo- sense of fun and adventure and Siege logo – corporate/professional but in fun way with the Escheresque twist – Enjoy GDC :)


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