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Glowbat – Before and After


The Glowbat is one of the first creatures I designed for Crea. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my pixel art skills have improved considerably over the past year, and the Glowbat was starting to look a little shabby in comparison. One major problem was that he is supposed to be an underground-dwelling creature, but his grey-brown color made him difficult to see in his environment. For a real-life animal, that’s all well and good, but for a video game, it’s visually confusing.


So here’s the new and improved Glowbat. I made him just slightly larger, added a brighter color scheme to help him pop out of the backgrounds, and made him look like he is being lit from below by his…uh…glowball.

glowbat_new glowbat_old

For our beta testers who complained that the underground biome was too barren: watch out. This guy will be waiting for you, and he’s got some pretty fast attacks!

A Year of Pixel Art: Before and After

I had played with pixel art as a teenager, posting my little sprites on my Geocities homepage. But when Jasson asked me to do the art for Crea, I really had no idea what I was doing. I’m used to painting large illustrations in Photoshop, so at first I really disliked the restrictions and teeny-tiny size of pixel art.

It’s been almost one year since our Kickstarter, and during that time my eye for pixel art has improved. I put a lot more time and effort into every artwork now. Here are some examples.


I created the left llama banner for our Kickstarter. What a mess. There are stray pixels and blurriness everywhere. On the right is a llamacorn tapestry I drew just the other day, and is probably my favorite thing I’ve made for Crea so far.


On the left is a shameful, shameful drawing of a bed. On the right, a more interesting and confident bed.


And here are two oak trees.

If you thought Crea looked good during our Kickstarter, just wait until it’s finished!

New logos!

You may have noticed something different about our blog – we finally got some professional logos made for Crea and Siege Games. I (Kelley) had designed some makeshift logos for our Kickstarter campaign, but I am no graphic designer. We needed professional help. Jasson is going to GDC next week, and needs some business cards, so we decided that this would be a good time for some rebranding.


This logo was designed by Herman Dawson. In high school Herman and Jasson used to make RPG Maker games together. Today Herman is a professional graphic designer. We really had no idea what we wanted for Siege Games, so Herman came up with this design that is strong and modern and reminds me of a shield or crest.

Crea Logo

This logo was sort of a group effort by Herman, David and myself. We wanted a design that expressed the boundless opportunities for exploration in Crea. The globe illustration was drawn by me.

For comparison, this was our old logo:

logoYeah……like I said, I’m not a graphic designer. This logo doesn’t say much, and certainly doesn’t give off a sense of excitement or adventure. It served its purpose during the Kickstarter, though.

What do you guys think of the new logos? Also, is anyone going to GDC?

NPCs in Crea


lineup1In Crea, there will be several NPCs with whom to interact. This week Kelley started working on some of the NPC art. Above we have the Researcher, Nun, Grafter, Merchant and Cartographer. Here is a brief description of each NPC. Much more information will be posted about each one individually in the future. (Note: NPCs will be introduced in Beta.)

  • The Researcher helps with crafting. Supply him with materials and he will return the favor by providing you with new item recipes.
  • The Nun heals HP and grants buffs.
  • The Grafter enhances your equipment through the use of catalysts and essences.
  • The Merchant sells items.
  • The Cartographer provides you with a map and upgrades for it.


Art contest winner!

art contest3

Peachbo’s mysterious painting of a person in the rain is the winner of our Crea art contest! Congrats Peachbo! Your painting will be included in Crea and enjoyed by players all over the world.

Here is a statement from the artist:*

My work explores the relationship between Bauhausian sensibilities and urban spaces. What starts out as triumph soon becomes corrupted into a manifesto of temptation, leaving only a sense of nihilism and the unlikelihood of a new undefined. As spatial forms become undefined through studious and academic practice, the viewer is left with a new agenda of the darkness of our condition.

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest! There were so many awesome entries, and we hope you had fun making them. Because of Crea’s mod-friendly nature, it will be super easy to add your own paintings into the game as a mod.

*Peachbo did not actually say this.

Crea Art Contest! (now closed)

art contest1

In Crea, you will be able to craft paintings for your home! The paintings will be randomly created, so you never know which one you’ll get. Collect the whole set!


We are holding a contest to see what kinds of masterpieces our fans can come up with. Design your own Crea-style painting, and the winning piece will be included in the game! Draw a landscape, a portrait, an abstract, anything. Just have fun. You can download the templates below to get started.


Picture frame templates

How to enter:

  • Create a pixel art painting using the frames above or your own frame. Feel free to resize, recolor or otherwise change the frames. Maximum size is 108×72 pixels.
  • Save your image as a PNG or high-res JPG.
  • To enter, post your image in the forums in this “art contest” thread.
  • The artwork must be in pixel art form. (i.e., not a scanned pencil drawing)
  • No copyrighted content. (No Batman, Super Meat Boy, etc.)
  • Contest ends 1/30 at midnight PST. The winner will be contacted through the forums and announced on this blog.
  • Up to 4 entries per person.

Contest is now closed!

art contest2

Art in Crea


“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”. William Morris

In Crea, you will be able to adorn your house with these exquisite oil paintings. The fun part is that when you craft a painting, you never know which one you’re going to get. The large painting of Norman will be a rare HQ version, or something like that.

Think how much fun this could be to mod. You can easily create your own paintings and share them with your friends. Well, I think it would be fun anyway. Soon I am going to share the picture frame templates on this blog so you can start working on your paintings.

Boar Animation Livestream Highlight

Watch live video from siegegames on TwitchTV

While Jasson livestreams his coding almost every day, Kelley occasionally does animation livestreams. Yesterday she drew and animated a yet-unnamed pig monster thing. Here’s a sample of what went on if you missed the livestream.


To keep track of future livestreams, be sure to like our Facebook page, or subscribe to our Twitchtv channel.

The background music is the Dustforce OST by Lifeformed.