Updated Roadmap

It has been awhile since I posted an update regarding our release schedule. I want to thank everyone for their patience. Here is what we have planned.

Beta Phase 1 (Early Beta)

  • Time Frame:¬†Early April
  • Duration: 4-6 weeks
  • Availability: Only $50+ Kickstarter Backers
  • Features: Windows/Mac/Linux support, Multiplayer, Leveling, Skills, Combat, Crafting, Generated Worlds, Character Customization, Day/Night Cycle

Beta Phase 2

  • Time Frame: Mid May
  • Duration: 4-6 weeks
  • Availability: $25 Kickstarter Backers. Publicly available for $25. (contains game, digital soundtrack, and digital artbook.)
  • Additions: NPCs, Researching, Grafting and additional Biomes, Monsters, Equipment, Items, Skills, etc.

Beta Phase 3

  • Time Frame: Late June
  • Duration: 4-8 weeks
  • Availability: $10+ Kickstarter Backers. Publicly available for $10. (game only)
  • Additions: Official Mod Support, Bosses and more content.


  • Time Frame: August
  • Availability: Can be purchased by anyone for $15.
  • Additions: Quests, Mounts, Second Playable Race and more.

Some things to note

  • Any of this is subject to change but I have waited to post it until I was reasonably certain on the time frames.
  • Updates between releases will be posted on a weekly basis
  • Beta Phase 3 marks the official mod support. At this point I will do my best to provide all details regarding mod changes, provide mod API documentation and additional features such as in-game mod management. Before this it is still very possible to mod Crea.

EDIT: I have updated the original estimates to better reflect our current status.

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