NPCs in Crea


lineup1In Crea, there will be several NPCs with whom to interact. This week Kelley started working on some of the NPC art. Above we have the Researcher, Nun, Grafter, Merchant and Cartographer. Here is a brief description of each NPC. Much more information will be posted about each one individually in the future. (Note: NPCs will be introduced in Beta.)

  • The ResearcherĀ helps with crafting. Supply him with materials and he will return the favor by providing you with new item recipes.
  • The Nun heals HP and grants buffs.
  • The Grafter enhances your equipment through the use of catalysts and essences.
  • The Merchant sells items.
  • The Cartographer provides you with a map and upgrades for it.


5 thoughts on “NPCs in Crea

  1. Aramis Xperia

    Totally epic! That’s so cool! What types of items would you have to give the Researcher? Do they all do things for you in exchange for something, or do some of them do it for free? That’s so cool! I can’t wait to see the map GUI! SO EXCITED!

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