Crea Release v0.7.3

Another bug fixing patch. Lots of people experience some massive lag while playing with the latest two versions. I finally got that sorted out with a few other bugs fixed.

Available on your Humble Bundle Library

version 0.7.3
- (Feature) Added splash screen with Siege Games logo
- (Feature) Added misc. sound effects
- (Bug) Resolved issue where loading the world does not work for some people
- (Bug) Resolved issue with water and lava disappearing when obsidian is created nearby
- (Bug) Resolve issue with attributes, attribute locales, and divine gloves stat attribute
- (Bug) Properly resize tooltip view

- (Change) Added light source to quaridin when it attacks
- (Bug) Resolved multiple issues with conflict system by simply ignoring older versions. (Does leave orphaned spawners/speep)
- (Bug) Resolved issue where attacking the speep at night would cause an issue with it trying to flee

- (Bug) Resolved yet another issue with Artisan skill

- (Change) Made it possible to craft cloth with wool
- (Bug) Resolved issue when updating craft inventories could run into an issue if an inventory was destroyed
- (Bug) Resolved issue with research materials window not working properly

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