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Massive Update and Sale Incoming!

Prepare yourself! Crea just received an incredibly massive update. This update has been in the works for several months and we’re very pleased with how it has turned out. Here’s a highlight of the features and changes.

  • Full multiplayer support!
  • New spear and wand weapons
  • New monsters and new Paragon monster type
  • New Cartographer NPC with Maps
  • New Bamboo Forest biome
  • New character progression via infusions
  • Redesigned main menu
  • Customizable controls
  • Heaps of improvements due to player feedback
  • Multitude of bug fixes (50+)

This is already available on Steam for those that have claimed their Steam Key from Humble and the DRM-free version has been sent off to Humble and should be available soon.

Not only is the game bigger and better than ever, but we’re also putting it on sale to celebrate! For 24 hours only, Crea will be featured on the Humble Store’s Spring Sale. The sale kicks off at 10AM PDT on Sunday, May 18th. Once the game launches on Early Access, it will be at it’s standard price of $14.99, so don’t miss the chance to get it an awesome discount!

For those who want to experience the full might of the patch notes for this update, you can read them here.


Crea Release v0.7.3

Another bug fixing patch. Lots of people experience some massive lag while playing with the latest two versions. I finally got that sorted out with a few other bugs fixed.

Available on your Humble Bundle Library

version 0.7.3
- (Feature) Added splash screen with Siege Games logo
- (Feature) Added misc. sound effects
- (Bug) Resolved issue where loading the world does not work for some people
- (Bug) Resolved issue with water and lava disappearing when obsidian is created nearby
- (Bug) Resolve issue with attributes, attribute locales, and divine gloves stat attribute
- (Bug) Properly resize tooltip view

- (Change) Added light source to quaridin when it attacks
- (Bug) Resolved multiple issues with conflict system by simply ignoring older versions. (Does leave orphaned spawners/speep)
- (Bug) Resolved issue where attacking the speep at night would cause an issue with it trying to flee

- (Bug) Resolved yet another issue with Artisan skill

- (Change) Made it possible to craft cloth with wool
- (Bug) Resolved issue when updating craft inventories could run into an issue if an inventory was destroyed
- (Bug) Resolved issue with research materials window not working properly

Crea Release v0.6.1

A new version of Crea is now available on the Humble Store! This version contains lots of exciting changes. Most notable is the addition of 30+ new skills mostly consisting of magic. I would love to hear your thoughts in this version’s feedback topic. If you run into any bugs then please post them in this version’s issue topic.

Here’s the change log.

Crea v0.6.1
- Added lava
- Breakable pots underground
- Reworked talent UI
- Replaced Magic talent with Arcane and Divine talents
- Introduced many (30~) new skills most of which are usable
- Added simple tutorial dialog covering the controls
- Changed settings file format to JSON (editable) and moved controls into settings

- Replaced M.ATK and M.DEF stats with INT and MIND
- Implemented elements into combat
- Made monsters and monster spawners not able to spawn in areas with unnatural walls (such as wood walls)
- Reworked lighting
- Made it possible to only open one treasure chest at a time (May be changed back in the future)
- Made projectile spells break fragile tiles (pots, vines, foliage, etc.)

Bug Fixes:
- Resolved issue with bow animation now playing properly when held
- Resolved issue with stats not being properly removed when equipping an active item
- Resolved issue with trees sometimes not being harvestable
- Resolved issue where tiles could not be placed directly above the player
- Resolved issue where plants would sometimes be represented by the wrong stage of life graphics
- Resolved issues with opening treasure chests resulting in a crash
- Resolved several issues with multiplayer